Monthly Archives: May 2016

Open Letter To Residents Of Hancock County

The members of OverHome Animal Rescue would like to let our neighbors know what we are able to do for the animals in Hancock County. Our main focus at this time is to promote spaying and neutering. This is the best way to make a start at getting the animal problem under control.We offer help in transporting animals to low cost clinics. We try to do this once each month. Since 2011, we have been able to get 153 cats and 182 dogs spayed or neutered. Our members have also been able to work with other groups that transport puppies up north to facilities that are less crowded so the animals have a better chance for adoption. To date we have transported 251 puppies. We have also rescued, then adopted 23 animals and returned 3 to their owners.
As of yet, we do not have a working facility. We have a building and have made repairs, but it has a long way to go. More volunteers and monetary donations are needed to get us up and running. Right now, when we receive a call about a stray or a litter of puppies or kittens, we are unable to help. In cases of abuse, we have no animal control officer. Therefore, we have no authority to enter some ones property, or to seize their animal. In such cases you should contact Sheriff Seal and his Department. They will assess the situation and contact us if they feel we can assist them.
We can’t let this be some one else’s problem. We all need to help. We love animals. Help us help them.
                                                                                                                                                                            OverHome Animal Rescue