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At this time our services might be few, but they are invaluable.

We offer regular spay & neuter services for the local community as well as discounts (whenever possible) for having spay and neuter done for your pets. These services areĀ  done by veterinarians from our neighboring counties. We work cooperatively with many organizations to help obtain grants to help offset the cost of spay and neuter. When your pets need to be transported out for spay & neuter clinics, we offer transportation from a convenient location to the clinic or site where the procedure will be done. For more information please contact Linda Hammett at 733-1912

Overhome Animal Rescue is very active in finding transports for animals that may not be able to be adopted out in our area. These animals are given their shots and checked over by our local veterinarian Dr.David Hammett and once they are cleared for transport the animals are sent out of state to find a new forever home. If anyone is interested in adopting a animal from Overhome Animal Rescue or anyone wishing help re-homing a animal please contact Sharolet at 423-300-5043 or by email